Our Values

We decided to communicate through food:

Goodness – We only use high quality products,
we carefully select them, we check if they have the essential characteristics: quality, ethical and social chain,
Organic, Km 0, follow the Slow Food criteria.
We are not interested in any other products.

Passion - he cooperatives we work with give us the energy, the enthusiasm, the desire for redemption, the willpower. And they create an overwhelming passion that allows us to reach unthinkable goals.

Commitment - Everyday, in everything we do we try to be responsible, in respect of the territory, the nature around us but first of all the human dignity.

About Us

Ludovica Guerreri is always been taking care of communications, at the beginning with her advertising agency, and then, after falling in love for our cooperative’s projects, she approached the social world. In Paris, where she lived for 5 years, she created Ethicando, a showcase for the Italian made in social, a place for meetings where you can share discussions, thoughts, actions. She believes in the possibility of redemption, against every kind of resignation.

Beatrice Busi Deriu comes from an artistic career tied to dancing and writing poetry, elements that still get along with her. At the same time, she has always been an organizer and promoter in artistic fields: cinema, theatre, music, and linked to more wide and general events. She has always been touched by The Prison topic, that’s why she particularly cares about the projects aimed to support workers present in prison, a concrete way to realize a possible redemption of prisoners-people.


With EthiCatering the typical Italian flavours and perfumes are served. With a difference: we use products with a strong ethical commitment, result of recovery projects of quality and intentions!

Our proposals suites every occasion: conventions, business events, inaugurations, private events, a special area for weddings, the lunch coffee break, from a small group to hundreds or thousands of guests. If you are not sure what you want, together we'l find the best options for you, your guests, and your budget!

Using an ethical catering in important occasions is an example of corporate social responsibility, that your clients, colleagues, and guests would definitely appreciate.

Our Customers

We choose Ethicatering because ethical is not only a fashion, but a lifestyle.”

We choose EthiCatering because it allows us to spread the message of a possible ethical economy, in which the entire production chain is based on social, and stimulates the imitation of "good practices", even in profit and institutional areas.”

We choose Ethicatering because we are committed to CSR (corporate social responsibility), in which we really believe.”

We choose EthiCatering because is good twice!”


    ECOMAFIE Presentation

    Casa del Jazz


    Finger food aperitif

    Ambassador’s Residence


    Workshop "Green in Architecture"

    The Greenhouse


    Workshop press "Delegates of international tourism association in Italy"

    Polish Cultural Institute


    Social budget presentation

    Humana Foundation Offices

  • IKEA

    Christmas dinner

    IKEA Porta di Roma


    Lazio without mafia

    Temple of Hadrian


    Maratona press conference "Thousand years of loneliness"

    Faculty of Architecture Roma 3

  • JOSEPH DE FELICI - Photographer

    Inauguration of the photographic exhibition "Torture"

    Library of Archaeology and History of Art


    Focus on Emergency Medicine

    Police high school


    "Open Gardens"

    In Istitute


    Café management with ethical products

    Bocconi University Milan


    Ten year of Casa dei Musei

    Villa Pamphili


    Café management

    Villa Celimontana


    New Zealand’s Wine degustation

    In Embassy


    Boschi dei Lauri inauguration

    Villa di Livia

  • LIBERA Against the Mafia

    Fundraising in memory of the victims of the attacks to the cultural Heritage

    Etruscan Museum Valle Giulia


    Aperitif with Historian Ombre di medioevo

    Casa delle Letterature

  • Italian National Press Federation

    Buffet for National convention

    International Press Offices


    Bistro' and cafeteria

    Auditorium hanging garden

  • LIBERA Against the Mafia

    Mafia gives back ill-gotten gains

    Capitoline Hill

  • nAm ecodesign

    Open space

  • RSA UK

    RSA security system conference

    Historical structure Santo Spirito in Sassia

  • LIBERA Against the Mafia

    lunch buffet to reward "Regoliamoci Pio La Torre"

    Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research

  • LIBERA Against the Mafia

    "Mafia gives back ill-gotten gains"

    New Cinema Aquila


    Ecomafie Presentation

    Casa del Jazz


    Lunch buffet to reward "Trasparenza e legalità nel Servizio Sanitario Nazionale"

    Camera dei Deputati


    Aperitif for "Unipol commitment to legality"

    Casa del Jazz


    Inauguration Exhibit "Infinity library" aperitif


From land freed from the mafia!

The Cooperatives working on territories confiscated from the mafia represent an alternative economic model opposed to the criminal model. In 1996 the Italian Parliament passed a law that promote the social re-use of confiscated proprieties from the criminal organizations. The law provides the assignment of the illegal assets to the Government, the municipalities and to a non-profit association. Thanks to the reuse of the confiscated proprieties, they reintegrate young people in difficulty, victims of the Mafia, to the labour market creating the "social business". In this way a vicious cycle is broken and these territories can find hope.
Some numbers:
In Italy the estimated value of the confiscated proprieties every year is 6 trillion euros. In nine years the law on the re-use confiscated properties has allowed the social destination of 2200 real estate worth more than 250 million Euros.

Libera Terra is an association of Agricultural cooperatives that work on land confiscated from the mafia in Sicily, Puglia, Calabria, Campania and Lazio. Among the wide range of products: Pasta, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, honey, preserves and canned food, Buffalo mozzarella, Limoncello, the cellar Centopassi, Taralli and Friselle, Cous-cous.

It brings together different social cooperatives that fight against the 'Ndrangheta. Goel Bio’s products guarantee a sustainable and fair price to the producers: Clementine and citrus Jam, Tropea‘s red onion cream, olive oil.

The cooperative runs thirty hectares of land confiscated from the 'Ndrangheta which creates job opportunities for young people otherwise destined to become part of the organized crime. The result? An Extra Virgin olive oil super rewarded, honey and preserves, all 'Ndrangheta free!

When staying behind the bars becomes an enterprise

In Italy, active cooperatives in prisons are numerous and play an important social role. This data speaks for itself: the recidivism rate of workers detained is 16% against 70% in non-workers. Working gives a meaning to the time spent in prison. Nobody needs a lazy detainee, neither himself nor the society. A working inmate experiences healthy relationships, learn, rebuild a bridge with the world and its future. The prison's economy has the potential to contribute to the productive growth of the country. It is not a financial speculation but a virtuous business, clean, supportive.

Vale la Pena red wine is produced with grapes from vineyards located within the prison’s wall of Alba, it’s vinified and bottled by the students of Wine Institute Umberto I. Production is limited to 2,000 bottles per year. It’s a high quality wine obtained from the prestigious Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto grapes.

“Two good things: our cookies and the hope to make you change your mind about the prison and the people who live in it”. Banda Biscotti creates goodies behind bars (from Verbania and Saluzzo prisons) using raw materials chosen with care, not adding anything but their work and the desire to improve day by day.

Since 2009 artisan workshop of chocolate and pastry are active in Busto Arsizio prison. The prisoners engaged in this activity follow training courses and at the end they will get a pastry chef certification useful even outside of prison. Their motto: do not wait to be out of jail to build a better future. Take control of your future now! Chocolates are so good that they won "Eurochocolate Award" in Perugia in 2010 and the "European Silver Award" this year with Dragées IGP Piedmont Hazelnut truffle cocoa! Now we go to the World Final... Products: chocolate, homemade pastry.

Organic and high quality products made in Siracusa’s prison. The main ingredient is the almond (roasted, salted, almond milk, almond paste, macaroons ...), and the Almond’s queen, the best in the world: The Avola almond!

The cooperative's Lazzarelle was founded in the Women's Prison of Pozzuoli (Naples) in 2010. The project arose from the conviction that the prison should not be a forgotten and a dark place but a place where women have to be the protagonists of their change. The whole coffee production cycle is done in prison. The coffee arrives crude from 5 different countries of Latin America, the inmates work it according to the traditional techniques of the Neapolitan artisans and they repackage it in vacuum-sealed bags. The result is a high quality product with strong taste. The products: coffee beans, grounded for moka and coffee pod.

The Cooperative Fattoria Migranti was founded in 2012 with the aim of offering practical training and job offers in the social sectors of agriculture to people in need, particularly to migrants and ex detainees. They produce hand-made special bread sticks (cheese and pepper, curry, raisins and red wine, onion, turmeric) and biscuits that make you lose your head!

From prisons in Ragusa and Catania, a new cooperative that develops good prison economy practices, values and new opportunities for those who are serving a sentence. They use local, high quality and organic traditional products to produce almond and pistachio nougat, sesame Cubaita and caramelized almonds.

Pasticceria Giotto from the prison of Padova - The social cooperative Giotto has been active since 1980 within the prison "Due Palazzi" in Padova. A pastry chef heads a group of 10 inmates. This is not only an apprenticeship of a profession but also an apprenticeship of life. It assumes an educational and social role important for the cooperative, that becomes a point of reference for inmates even after being released from prison. It is a significant experience for its social impact but also for its excellent production. Panettone Giotto was elected as one of the best in Italy according to the prestigious restaurant guide "Gambero Rosso" and it is offered to the Pope every year for Christmas.

From the prison of Pescara the almonds "Manele Umbrella” from the ancient tradition of Abruzzo, probably born on the paths of transhumance. They are caramelized almonds with brown sugar. Delightful!

From the Apulian tradition, Taralli with olive oil, chilli, fennel seeds, onion and pizza are products of the prison of Trani (Bari). The art of the master chef and skills acquired by the prisoners make this production an example of excellence in the gastronomy field and craftsmanship.


The realization of the wedding party it’s for us a passion, made even stronger by the fact that our couples are happy to take active part in supporting our special products. This makes them more satisfied and aware that on the day of the wedding in addition to the care and quality of the menu, the ever new and original decorations, to our competent and smiling staff, and many details taken care of with attention and commitment, this day will have helped people eager for redemption and change.

We work with Ecoplanner and many beautiful and original proposals, from dresses to the decorations, with green and new party favors. We are always looking for different places to offer as location of our marriages, Greenhouses surrounded by greenery, Loft, Country Houses near Rome, metropolitan Art Galleries, aristocratic Villas for those who love the classic, Ethicatering ensures the success of a party in all its aspects. The philosophy that belongs to us is to learn, to listen with great care and understand the desire and the ideas of the couple, so as to create every time something that is unique, because every time is a new journey that always ends with satisfaction and mutual respect between us and our customers.

During the first meeting at our offices near Rome, we will welcome you with our fragrant Lazzarelle coffee, roasted by inmates of the prison of Pozzuoli; You can observe the chefs at work through our glass window, study the various menus, our ethical and organic products, the preparations for your feast, and the pictures of locations where you can realize your wedding. The first meeting may be the beginning of a creative process where it’s a real pleasure and a professional entertainment for us to follow you.

We pay special attention so that the leftover food is not wasted, that’s why we rely on the collaboration of Equoevento.

  • Location

    We firmly believe that the location to place your wedding party or any other event, should contain beyond beauty some ideas that marries our philosophy. The Greenhouse is this in full.

    An all-glass place, with plants, environmentally friendly fireplace, green equipment, olive garden, located in one of the most beautiful parts of Lazio: The Castelli Romani.

    The location is a source of inspiration and stimulation for us and that's what we love to pass on to our customers, because every taste of our cuisine and every smile of our waiters assumes another value if placed in the right context.

    Besides The Greenhouse we have Loft, Art Galleries with gardens, simple Farmhouse or more refined and elegant. All of our sites are characterized by a discrete touch of originality.

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    9 January 2014

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    24 January 2014

  • Avvenire

    24 January 2014

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    19 February 2014


    24 February 2014

  • LA7 Coffee Break

    24 May 2014

  • Il Tempo

    19 March 2015

  • Il Gallo Parlante

    28 March 2015

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